Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Last Bit.

Location Location Location.

I grew up in the country. Away from town, though we had neighbors close enough. When my brother and I were really young I remember helping our neighbors drive their cows out from the fields, up the road and back to their barn, I also remember watching them butcher chickens. I wonder how many reading this have actually seen the end of the life of their dinner. One morning it was sirens we awoke to and the smell of fire. Their barn burned down and that was the end of the farm next door. Though we spent many days at other friends who were on a farm (one friend's farm ended similarly in a barn fire).

Growing up I took it for granted the mornings where you hear the crows cawing in the distance. I took for granted the sounds of crickets, and of frogs on a warm spring night. We were at my folks place last night and a new sound was that of wild turkeys. I had never heard it before and kinds figured what it was but my brother confirmed it.

Now I understand not all know this. I now constantly hear semis jaking, Harleys quaking, car stereos shaking. Even in a quiet neighborhood a warm spring night will not sound right without the peepers of spring.

Good Night.