Thursday, April 21, 2005

Filibuster Busting Na Naman.

Na Naman is Tagalog for "again".

I read a set of articles today from Orin Hath and Norm Orenstein debating the filibuster quandary the Senate faces.

The two had different ideas on what to do and Norm had the better case. Norm argued to force the Democrats to conduct a real filibuster, to debate around the clock. Orin was arguing to change the rules.

Changing the rules is an option gone. It has a benefit of accomplishing an immediate goal but it cripples the GOP in the long run. The Democrats can paint the GOP as petulant children who change the rules when the rules do not allow for a desired outcome.

I do believe the best option would be to force a real filibuster. Make Robert Byrd talk for 20 hours, make Teddy Kennedy miss happy hour, make Barbara Boxer cry for 22 hours at a shot. It is going to be grueling but all the while they are talking about Jupiter and about Mary's Little Lamb things are not getting done.

Now as a conservative I generally like it when the Congress is wasting time as when they waste time they can not waste serious money but most people will not stand for this. They want the Senate working on real things and not reading Great Expectations. Eventually they will cave. What happened when Newt and his congress resisted Clinton's budget and Clinton forced a shutdown? Newt and GOP got the blame for not doing the people's work. Same thing here. A real filibuster is going to be BIG news and when the Senate can indeed muster 51+ votes this means those conducting the filibuster are going to be the ones to set off the public's alarm.

Secondly this leaves the filibuster open for the GOP when we are once again the minority party, surely we don't expect to be in the majority from now to the Apocalypse? The problem with the filibuster is it has become too convenient a weapon.

Come on Mr. Frist! Call the Democrats on their threats to filibuster and make them do it! They are on the verge of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, don't play prevent!