Friday, April 22, 2005

The Germans Are PO'ed at the Brits.

Over the "Nazi Pope" slur.

There is a story at Yahoo News about this.

I wonder when this slur is going to go away? Everytime a German gets into a position of world authority up goes the hue and cry of "Nazi". I remember in High School we had a German exchange student for about the first semester of my senior year. He heard his share of comments about Nazis and Hitler.

In fact John Cleese does a sketch on this theme IIRC it is a Fawlty Towers episode where he gets all worked up with some German guests or perhaps it was a Monty Python skit.

Of course that hue and cry is all too evident here in the USA as well. I think in both cases it is more of anti-Catholic reaction than anything else. Remember the KKK hated three groups, non-Caucasians, Jews, and Catholics. Items one and two are now protected species but not item three.