Friday, April 22, 2005

Helicopter Downing Part II.

Yesterday I commented on the left's reaction to the downing of the helicopter. A HT to Michelle Malkin for that one!

Early today I noticed that blog was picked up by The Jawa Report This report contains some rather graphic pictures and a story from the Houston Chronicle.

Essentially one man survived the crash. He was clearly unarmed and was telling his captors he thought his leg was broken. They then machine gunned the guy to death; the terrorists claiming they did this in return for the guy killed by the Marine in a Fallujah mosque. I wonder how many terrorists have been killed by people feigning injury begging for mercy and then blowing up when a terrorist tried to aid them. I have a fear the terrorists are winning in that game. Another aspect that they are winning is the PR war.

The film from that Mosque in Fallujah is an example of the PR nature, so too the Abu-Ghraib story. Our nation like any other person has some dirty laundry. Do we go publicly airing our dirty laundry constantly? I had this problem when I was younger I often confused honesty with gratuitous dirty laundry airing (Is there a word for that?) and that is the problem our MSM has. When the dirty laundry of a Marine killing a guy in a Mosque gets aired there are real consequences.

Why are they winning? Because the likes of Al-Pazeera (aka the Associated Press) are openly favoring and cooperating with the terrorists. Recently the terrorists are stepping up attacks and guess what? I bet pretty soon it will be Tet all over again.