Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Last Bit.

Taking a Snooze! I wonder if there is a pack of smokes nearby? ;-)

This photo is of two lions in the wild. I took it on a trip to the Serrengetti National Park in Tanzania. I think it one of the best shots I took out of the Park. We were quite safe in a Range-Rover and IIRC we were probably fourty-feet from the beasts. I came away with many pictures and memories. This is a story I need to blog sometime the trip to Tanzania.

Anyway FYI I hold the copyright to all original artwork, photography, poetry, and writing. If you are interested in publishing any of it commercially you must contact me. I know the thought of publishing my work may cause some of you to laugh hysterically but who knows?

I do grant the rights of republication for non-commercial use only. I need to get this written up in a comprehensive Blogger Beer policies and guidelines document!