Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The US Pedophile Priest Criticism.

New Sisyphus also raises a cry over the Pope's ineffectiveness in dealing with the pedophilia scandals in the US Priesthood.

New Sisyphus states thusly:
The second elephant is the Pope’s and his Church’s wholly inadequate, debasing and insulting reaction to the plague of pedophile priest scandals that have wracked the American church.
Source: New Sisyphus: The Right and the Pope's Legacy: Willful Blindness

The Pope's decline in health was long obvious prior to his final run into the loving arms Jesus Christ. Built up around the Pope is an elaborate bureaucracy, the same situation New Sisyphus finds himself in. The State Department is supposed to follow the President's instructions and work to fulfill his visions but unless the President is strong the entrenched career state department employees are going to their bidding not the Presidents. This conflict between the State Department and the President is obvious to the casual observer.

Why should the Vatican be different? The pedophillia scandal erupted well after the Pope's vitality left him. After all many Catholic periodicals talk about a Lavender Mafia. Priests, bishops, and cardinals who run cover for each other and most likely have "goods" on each other.

What we need to pray for is the Cardinal who becomes the next Pope is not a part of this Lavender Mafia and can enforce discipline in the ranks of the Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals.

In Pope John Paul II's will there is a passage when he talks about his consideration of retirement. He obviously did not choose that path, perhaps it would have been better for the Church if had; but, it is in God's hands and we must have faith.