Friday, April 22, 2005

The Last Bit.

Sad to say folks it is time for The Last Bit for April 22 2005.

A photo blog.
A red fox makes off with some fish entrails.
A Red Fox Makes Off With a Tasty Treat of Fish Entrails! © Marcus Aurelius.

I do not recall the year I snapped this photo (mid-90s). We knew this fox was bolder than most and we had left the pail of fish-guts around and set up my camera just for this shot. I managed to get two shots, the first one was the fox head down in the pail and this one of it fleeing. Too bad I did not have on my rapid fire, I could have had a pretty cool sequence of shots. I also have another picture of this fox (my very educated guess) fishing dead bait out of a bait bucket with a buddy six feet away on a boat.

We set up to lure the fox into the cabin and drop the shutter on it inside the cabin but thought better of that plan. What confusion that would have caused to have a blind and wild fox running around a cabin desperately trying to escape! Fortunately we thought of that before the fox took the bait!

BTW I have had a very good run with visitors the past day or two. Thanks, my weekly traffic does not always go up but in general it is trending upwards! Thanks to you, dear reader!

At the time of this writing I have served three cases and a six pack and three cans of Blogger Beer today, and on the week I have served 28 cases and 4 cans of Blogger Beer.

Good Night & God Bless You!