Saturday, April 16, 2005


You ever hear of MEMRI? The Middle East Media Research Institute?

Yesterday at The New Sisyphus New Sisyphus suggested we use a time honored weapon of the left against Islamic Radicalism. A weapon even Islamic groups here in the USA use. That weapon is VICTIMHOOD.

What one group of people is especially victimized by Radical Islam? Think it over for a bit. The group has to be certified as a victim group by the left strike minority Christians from your lists. There is another group that even in Islamic lands forms roughly half of the total population.

Yes women!

Here is one comment from the commentary on the blog.
This is not a campaign that a Bush or a Bolton could drive. If only we had a senior woman in the administration. One who could speak eloquently to the effect of terrorists in her own life. One who had struggled to overcome discrimination, not only for the color of her skin but for her beliefs. One with whom women the world over could identify. But would Bush ever appoint such a person? Nooooo.

Plus we know Code Pink would rather have women in Afghanistan not be educated than to have George Bush push for their betterment. So it is not a slam dunk but it shows promise.

Anyway that last comment (aside from giving me a laugh) reminded me of a LTE I wrote some years ago. I visited MEMRI and they did a study of Arabic commentary on Condeleeza Rice. It was vile, racist and misogynist like you could not believe, even worse than Ted Rall or Sly from Madison! So I figured it might be worthwhile visiting MEMRI for this project. Here is what I find:

These laws are clearly no longer suited to an era in which cats and dogs in the developed world have more rights than Arab women, and more even than those of Arab men…
Source: MEMRI: Arab Feminists on Women's Rights: Cats and Dogs in the Developed World Have More Rights than Women in the Arab and Muslim World
That is just a small taste but it gives you have a good idea how the soup tastes! Of course if you are reading this you are probably noting my previous post on the honor killing in Amsterdam as well.