Saturday, April 16, 2005


Claudia and I went to look at some land very closely. It is very nice. The lot is about 1-1/4 acres and is West of Appleton a bit. It is in an old farm-field and is on the south side of the road and slopes down from the road. About a half-mile away there is a woodlot. I was pacing off the depth of the lot and heard a pheasant! Sure beats semis and harleys!

Then we went to Holy Hill. I have never been there before (been by it) but this time we went to see the Church there. I tell you this church is one of the most beautiful I have ever been in. I was in the cathedral in Montreal last summer but I don't recall the beauty to be as stunning as the church on Holy Hill. They are in the middle of renovations and they are doing a good job but the tower was closed due to the renovations. I will be posting some photos of the site sooner or later.

Them Brewers! I know the season is young but I can see Ben Sheets closing out the season at like 7-16 with a 1.45 ERA! Pitiful. The guys in slots one, two and three can hit and get on, but after that nothing happens. I recall the leadoff guy in the first got a single and got caught trying to stretch it into a double. Powell was cheesed at him for trying but what are these guys going to do? No one can get them in from second let alone first. Until cleanup crew can cleanup our leadoff hitters need to try to stretch things out.