Thursday, April 28, 2005

More Silliness From the Pages of the Post Crescent.

I excerpt a letter from today's Appleton Post Crescent.

Now we find out that the current pope, while in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (formerly known as the Holy Office of the Inquisition) was responsible for the ruling during the recent campaign that American Bishops should deny Communion to another JFK — John Kerry — because of his support of a woman’s right to choose.

Could it be that the Republicans’ fears of 45 years ago will come true after all, but ironically to their benefit?

Bill Ellis,

Source: Appleton Post Crescent April 28, 2005 - 45 years later, Vatican, GOP on same page

Don't worry Mr. Ellis, you are not the only person to completely miss the point of communion denial. You see Mr. Ellis, the Church considers abortion (enough of the euphemisms please) to be a grave sin. This is not on the same level as cussing, or fibbing, but real serious sin. When someone commits real serious sin they are supposed to avoid taking communion and get their soul to penance ASAP. Part of the penitential rite is earnest regret and sincere resolve to give up the sinfulness.

Now, the Church has noted that prominent politicians are in a position to bring an end to the abomination of abortion. If they support abortion then they are in a position of support and are therefore committing grave sin and should be refraining from taking the sacrament. Of course one could say they should receive penance and all is right, but would it be? This is treating the soul as a septic tank of sin.

The main point is the denial of communion is a teaching moment. If a Catholic politician doesn't want to treat it as such then perhaps they are really not Catholic.