Thursday, April 14, 2005

Post Crescent Letter Quickies.

Letters from the Appleton Post Crescent. Just some quick comments based on each letter's headline.

  1. Letters: Will of the people is smoke-free
  2. It is and I know the anti-ref group is considering the judiciary. I am not keen on that even though I believe it to be a private-property rights violation.
  3. Abilities of disabled should be celebrated
  4. Lets celebrate by starving them! Okay that was some snide sarcasm. Yes, we need to treasure the disabled too and help them become productive members of society in a way that suits them but in the end we need to treasure them for their humanity.
  5. Social Security needs different answers
  6. Unfortunately, the letter drags up the same old answers. The President's approach is a different answer. This letter will be broken down later in more detail!

Gotta go!