Thursday, April 14, 2005

A .44 or a Restraining Order?

Fox News just ran a replay of the story from Florida where the guy arrested for a minor drug offense murdered his neighbors and killed himself. Recall this is where the five-year old girl is on 911 talking about blood coming from her father's mouth.

The story goes the couple was trying to get a restraining order against the killer. Question for you dear reader. What would that have done? If a man is willing to murder and then turn the gun on himself it seems to me a restraining order would have done nothing. No?

However, if that couple had a .44 handy (I had a dream that I had a .44, it was a .44 rimfire though and didn't have the ooompph a normal .44 does, people who know will think that funny, I do too! Dreams!) or even a smaller weapon handy the MSM would have buried that story so deeeeep, but at least that little girl would still have parents!