Thursday, May 19, 2005

Disturbed Day.

Early in the morning I found an e-mail note from a former colleague of mine. He was the only one from my UAE days at the wedding of Claudia and Myself. He is working in Dubai and living in Sharjah.

In this note, he was singing the praises of UK MP dhimmi George Galloway's testimony in front of our senate. I noted in return Galloway was nothing more than a crook who sang the praises of a murdering tyrant and was nearly beaten to death by ROP members for his sin of participating in democracy. All day long the note bugged the heck out of me. When I got home, as expected there was a response.

The response was standard leftist bullet points about the WOT and Iraq in general. He brought up the debunked Lancet number of 100,000 casualties, he said I as a W supporter would be lonely over there (as if my Republicanism was popular when I was there, the ex-patriate American crowd (and in general) definitely leans to the left), Galloway won a libel suit (in easy to win libel suit UK) on the same claims etc etc etc. I resolved to write a response but have determined the best is to just can them.

I have been in these situations before. People send me their political thoughts and I usually have a hard time at least not giving a response, sometimes that is the end between us. I recall getting a note from a guy (who was also a UAE colleague and on this address list of the note of discussion) in 2000 about Nader-Trader. I responded back to him how this was the most ingenious voter fraud scheme ever, I never received a response back from him on it.

Kinda of a dark day. I have to remember how many in the UK thought Hitler to be a man they could deal with. Many believed this even after the invasion of Poland.