Thursday, May 05, 2005

Eight Ball Award!

I found a letter in the Post Crescent where the author is so disconnected from reality he deserves and Eight-Ball.

Death has deified backward pope

Catholicism seems emotionally revived with the recent death of the pope, but the proportions of its new energy are tied into bigotry and falsehoods.

The pope is but one man who, like all men, is remarkably fallible, though touted otherwise by the Catholic flock.

By supporting the pope and the Catholic regressive doctrine that he put forth in his teaching, such as abandonment of gay rights, birth control and stem cell research, are where image outruns reality.

The pope portrayed as a charismatic individual is a stretch. He refused change at all costs. There is some question as to his sincerity in adoring children as can be seen in the slowness in the investigation of child sexual abuse allegations in which untold numbers of his clergy were involved.

Instead of opting for change, the Catholic Church remains stuck in narrow mindedness. Its parishioners allow its leaders to think for them rather than think for themselves.

To the end, the pope remained rigid, non-relenting in his proclamations of business as usual. Take off the mask of the pope or the pope to be and you will likely find humanness, not super humanness or godliness. I question those who deify themselves and demonize others whose thinking may be contrary to religious doctrine.

Humans are not sheep. They can choose to follow their own nose rather than embrace the doctrine they are spoon-fed. We all have the choice to reinvent faulty propositions, but first the pope and others in the Catholic hierarchy have to go.

Bill Borcherdt,

Source: May Fourth 2005 Appleton Post Crescent Bill Borcherdt - Death has deified backward pope

Ahhh, so many people mistake leftism for Catholicism and when the two do not match up Catholicism is all wrong. As National Review notes in a book review (the book was on Catholicism authored by Gary Wills) "pure Catholicism" closely resembles leftist thinking on everything.

Clearly this is what we have here. Jesus told Peter he was a rock, not a sponge or a pile of clay but a rock, a rock of truth.

Mr. Borcherdt, if you don't like Catholicism and what it teaches that is fine, go on to found the United Church of Bill but don't think your eight-ball caliber ranting will win you converts. Another example of how the KKK is not totally out of fashion.

Mr. Borcherdt, you are the winner of today's Eight-Ball award! Congratulations!

Bill wins for his _Krazy Kracker Katholics_ letter!
Bill Borcherdt's Eight-Ball!