Monday, May 02, 2005

Tet Offensive In Iraq.

Good Morning,

In the last week the Iraqi terrorists have launched a campaign of bombing. Reportedly in the last week they killed 100+ people with 11 US soldiers.

In Vietnam the NVA and the VC launched an attack famously known as the Tet Offensive. It was a spetacular failure resulting in large losses of personal and equipment to the NVA and VC, but it was a crushing blow to the MSM of the time. Yes, you read it right it was not a blow to our Army but the mainstream media. The MSM reported it as a huge surprise to our forces and as proof we could not win.

This is exactly what the terrorists in Iraq are trying to do, they are trying to rattle the MSM.

As is usual they terrorists are striking Iraqi civilians. This is an odd way to win the hearts and minds of a people to blow them up.