Thursday, June 09, 2005

HowDea's Madness.

The one comment I am seeing regularly in the various opinion sites I visit is that in comparison to HowDea X seems moderate (where X is typically SHrillary Clinton).

Could this be the case? Yes it certainly is but is no motivation to have HowDea as its chair. All records indicate the DNC's fundraising efforts are not paying off, they are raising less cash than under previous Chair. Now, they do say Terry was good at this and raised quite a bit of
cash so the standard may be higher but in comparison to the RNC fundraising is definitely off. I think the rise of HowDea Doody to the DNC chairmanship is an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats.

Now, many people poo-poo that and say HowDea's job is not that important. Perhaps some of the cloak and dagger that went on before he assumed the job has marginalized HowDea somewhat (reports have it, Terry McAuliffe released the DNC mailing lists to Reid and Pelosi) and makes him more of a figurehead than anything. A figurehead to please the MoveOn crowd. But then again we come back to the fact DNC fundraising is down. Perhaps if Democrat fundraising is compared in total (i.e. how are the Congressional and Senatorial committees doing, are they doing better?) we may see that the fundraising has shifted away from the DNC to affiliated committees

I think the support coming from the real leaders of the Democratic Party is nothing but window dressing. MoveOn's (and similar) man may be the head of the DNC but all he does is to keep them from bolting the leftist coalition centered on the Democratic party.

No, HowDea's rise to the DNC chair is not a nefarious plot designed to make what we formerly considered to be leftists as moderate.