Thursday, June 09, 2005

Powerline Blogging.

Powerline is a blog I read regularly but usually do not get a whole lot out of it. Yesterday, though they did some terrific blogging.

First they take Nancy Pelosi to task for thinking closing Gitmo is going to create a "clean slate". It is obvious to the somewhat casual observer this is not going to happen as Powerline points out:
And the idea of a clean slate with Muslims, a group with whom the west has clashed for something like ten centuries, is particularly ludicrous. Some of the Muslims from whom Pelosi would like to receive a clean slate are still upset about the reconquest of Spain [this occurred in the 15th century! MA]. And then there's the small matter of the existence of Israel. [emphasis added]
Source: Powerline Blog - Frivolous even by Democratic standards
So closing Gitmo down will have zero effect, because the problem Amnesty, the radical Muslims and the left have is not with Gitmo itself but the WOT.

Then Powerline goes on to discuss an regime we seldom hear about when it comes to torture. This regime practices the real thing. The problem though is if Amnesty International and those groups speak out against this regime, then the regime may fight back with physical violence. Kinda like a schoolyard bully picking fights with only those weaker than themselves. Anyway that regime is Iran. A particular person was furloughed from prison to show what happens to those who oppose Iran's regime. He gave an interview to an online journal and called for a boycott of Iran's upcoming elections. Needless to say, his furlough was called off. Michael Ledeen (whose piece was quoted by Powerline) thinks this is going to be fatal. Read the whole story for yourself. Mr. Ledeen is a vocal advocate for the opposition in Iran and you can hear the frustration very plainly. His frustration arises from the fact no one seems to be paying attention to what is going on to the liberal opposition in Iran.

This is too bad and I brought up Mr. Ledeen's concerns with my congressman Mark Green. Mr. Green essentially stated that he considers Mr. Ledeen a war-monger. I am shocked by this assessment as Mr. Ledeen is only asking for more support of the Iranian opposition and not for the 3rd ID to roll into Tehran.

The last Powerline item worth mentioning relates to a loophole in our laws.
"Don't be afraid...we have a legal permit...come and join us...don't be afraid to speak out...This is not like the countries back at home where you raise your voice against the government and they take you in for torture. No...this is one of the loopholes of this government. We have the right to put this flag down and step on it."
Source: Powerline Blog - An Educational Video

Incredible! Sounds like they have spent too much time listening to Senators McCain and Feingold!