Friday, June 24, 2005

More Roving.

You need to check out this article by National Review's Byron York.

MoveOn is trying to tell us they did not oppose the action in Afghanistan. Byron's research for his recent book and other interviews clearly paint a different picture. His research is not based on hearsay but very public information and interviews with MoveOn principles.

As they staked out their own anti-war position, Blades and Boyd were also following the progress of In a September 2004 interview for The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, I asked Blades how she had come to know Pariser. "It was after 9/11," she told me. "He put out a message similar in results to the one we had, basically an e-mail petition asking for restraint. It went viral on an international scale. . . . Eli's petition grew to half a million in half a week. Peter [Schurman, the executive director of MoveOn] contacted him because he figured he probably needed some help. We did provide him with some assistance, and we started working together on other issues and eventually merged." In the end, their shared opposition to U.S.-military retaliation for the September 11 attacks brought Pariser and MoveOn together. (For his part, David Pickering moved to Paris to attend film school.)
Source: Byron York (National Review Online) - Rove Was Right about MoveOn

So if a MoveOn type complains to you about how dishonest Karl Rove's comments were there is plenty in this article to support the accuracy of those comments.

FWIW, I think the comments are spot on (as blogged previously). Unfortunately many on the left are blind to the reality here. President Clinton's reason for not bringing OBL to the US when The Sudan offered him was there was no charges he could be pressed with. When the embassies in East Africa were bombed we lobbed a few cruise missles and indicted him. When the Cole was attacked I think it was more indictments.

A legal system such as ours works great for criminal situations, works so-so for organized criminal situations, and pathetically for war situations. OBL is making war on the West not trying to shakedown street shops for protection or robbing randomly to feed a junk jones. He wants to reclaim Andalusia (aka Spain) among other such goals.