Thursday, June 30, 2005

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Wretchard notes a very interesting development about the Italian arrest warrant issued against 13 CIA agents.

CIA officials are claiming the op was done with the knowledge and approval of the equivalent agency in Italy. The guy that was snatched was not guilty of robbing the rich but was recruiting jihadis. Wretchard likens the situation to the Canadian fellow of Syrian who was detained in New York City on his way back from Syria to Canada and sent to Syria for some very un-Gitmo like questioning. The dude in Italy was kidnapped and then sent to Egypt again, his treatment was un-Gitmo like.

Wretchard states:
The World War 2 generation now being criticized for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan at least had the sand to do it under its own name. Twenty first century men have another slogan: Not In My Name. It's an organization which wants the annihilation of Israel without the taint of anti-Semitism. It is separate and distinct from Not In Our Name, though one can hardly see why, because its "mission is to build, strengthen and expand resistance to stop the U.S. government's entire course of war and repression being waged in the name of 'fighting terrorism.'" Not that it is for terrorism, lest anyone misunderstand, just that whatever must be done to stop it should not be done in "our name". So to keep everybody happy what's necessary will be done in the name of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Morroco and the CIA. This is called moral behavior. But what's in a name?

Yet acquiescence to this cynical game of political correctness represents the greatest debasement of all. Not only is it cowardly and irresponsible, it allows polite society to evade, for however long it wishes, substantive debate on moral choices which should concern us all. A society which wants to wage war without seeming to shed blood is one which has no intention of confronting the ethical issues. Then we are blind in heart as we are in sight. Nothing to see here, just Move On.
Source The Belmont Club - Nowhere Man

Italy has been a fair ally. Of course they would probably go the way of Spain shortly. Appease appease%2