Monday, June 27, 2005

Ignatz & Brave.

Guess which is which?


There were times when I felt, I wish I wasn't on the jury, because I want to say things. You know? I mean, I think that is the nature of this tribunal, that, in a way, one wants to be everything. You want to be on the jury, you want to be on the other side, you want to say things. And I particularly wanted to talk a lot about - which I won't do now, so don't worry, but I wanted to talk a lot about my own, you know, now several years of experience with issues of resistance, strategies of resistance, the fact that we actually tend to reach for easy justifications of violence and non-violence, easy and not really very accurate historical examples. These are things we should worry about.

But at the end of it, today we do seem to live in a world where the United States of America has defined an enemy combatant, someone whom they can kidnap from any country, from anyplace in the world and take for trial to America. An enemy combatant seems to be anybody who harbors thoughts of resistance. Well, if this is the definition, then I, for one, am an enemy combatant. Thank you.
Little Green Footballs quoting Arundhati Roy


Douglas Wood, 63, also told Channel Ten of his efforts to retain his sanity during his captivity by replaying his life, the BBC reported Sunday.

Wood, who was bound and gagged by his captors, heard two Iraqi captives being shot on successive nights in the same room where he was being held and thought: "When is my turn?"

The low point of his ordeal, however, came when he saw his two Iraqi assistants being led away to their deaths. "I feel absolutely rotten. I was the ultimate cause of it," Wood said. He said he planned to send money to the families of the dead men.

He also said he felt like a traitor when he was forced at gunpoint to make a video plea for the United States and Australia to withdraw their troops from Iraq.
Source: Little Green Footballs quotes Washington Times

Who is the Ignatz & who is the brave man?

Like the Hollywood types making a movie supporting abortion and then congratulating themselves for their bravery. However, ask Ayan Hirsi Ali about real bravery and movie making.