Monday, June 27, 2005

The Bickering Democrats.

One reason the left is in disarray is because their they are made up of so many conflicting special interest groups.

We saw a shining example of this in the last election. When talking to the unions John Kerry is proudly claiming ownership of his Detroit built SUVs. When talking to environmentalists they belong to his family.

This is a serious problem for the left as most of these groups hold goals very mutually exclusive and usually disregard other objectives. My experience shows conservatives are more willing to be team players and are not so disappointed when they come away with a half loaf instead of the whole loaf (at least when having a family fight, when squabbling with the left we are hungrier for that loaf).

I view many of the leftist special interest groups as I view Randy Moss, only one person on the field counts for Randy Moss and that is Randy Moss, only one interest counts for the bulk of leftist special interest groups and that is theirs.