Monday, June 27, 2005

Bono's Stand!


How 'bout that! Bono giving President Bush kudos for his attention to Africa. Yes, Bono, I am with you we need to help out in Africa. Land reform and not just taking land from private non-productive monopolizers and giving to the government monopoly but to individuals.

Bono is taking a pretty lonely stand there and is to be congratulated for it. Him and Bob Geldoff are to be commended for recognizing the President and the missions he is leading us on.

Governor Tommy Thompson spoke at our Lincoln Day Dinner in cool February and talked about visiting with a family whose sole surviving breadwinner was on anti-AIDS drugs due to our generosity. It was touching.

What's that you say? Yes, we can do more, the message of Christ is just that to always try to do a little more, to strive for perfection; but I find people who are thanked and recognized for their contributions (no matter how small or large) are usually encouraged to try to do a little more. Slap at them, tell them their gift is too small, etc and they usually stop giving all together.