Monday, July 18, 2005

Add Anti-Tax Talk to The Check List.

If in order to exercise speech you have to consult a checklist to know what is not going to get you into trouble with the government, then I would call it something other than free-speech.

This story has been in the works for sometime and Michelle Malkin has been following it. See also Part II and Part III (current). Thanks Michelle!

Apparently a radio station in Washington state is an opponent of a gas-tax referendum in the works. It has made editorial comments on air about their opposition. A judge has ruled those comments must be reported as in-kind political campaign contributions!

I tell you this campaign finance reform stuff sounds as sweet as sugar but it is poison! I know quite a few of my conservatives friends and family were all up in arms over the 527c organizations and so on and so forth. Money in a campaign is not hard or soft, it is SQUISHY try to grab onto it, try to regulate it and it will just squirt, gush, and ooze out between your fingers.

No, public financing is not the ticket either. Public financing is government selecting the candidates. How can anyone think that a good idea? Oh yeah, the Mullahs in Iran operate on that idea.