Monday, July 18, 2005

National Review Posts a Slew of Articles on Wilson's Idiocy.

National Review has been writing quite a bit on this story. They ran three articles over at NRO today.

Did the CIA "Out" Valerie Plame? Andrew McCarthy reports on how the CIA, twice leaked documents revealing what Valerie Plame was all about. Once the Cuban government saw the info. This could very well it was a very long time since Ms. Plame did any sort of field work.

We have Valerie's No Victim by Mark Levin. Mark points up (yet again, we will know this law inside and out before too long) the details of the law and why it doesn't apply. Mark then goes on and questions the motives of Wilson and Plame.
That's right. Plame started this phony scandal. And so far, she's gotten away with it. What do I mean? Plame has shown herself to be an extremely capable bureaucratic insider. In fact, we know she's accomplished - she accomplished getting her husband, Joe Wilson, an assignment he desperately wanted: a trip to Niger to investigate a "crazy" report that Saddam Hussein sought yellowcake uranium from Niger (her word, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee, not mine). And she was dogged. She asked not once but twice (the second time in a memo) that her husband get the job. And there's more. The Senate Intelligence Committee investigation also found that a CIA "analyst's notes indicate that a meeting was 'apparently convened by [the former ambassador's] wife who had the idea to dispatch [him] to use his contacts to sort out the Iraq-Niger issues."
Source:National Review Online - Mark R Levin Valerie's No Victim

Still, haven't had enough? Then read: Clifford May's article on how the first person to use the word secret agent and cover operative in relation to Ms. Plame was... David Korn from the The Nation magazine. Mr. Korn's main source? Joe Wilson.

The Corner has been posting a fair amount of discussion on this affair as well.

The latest developments were reports that it was the Vice President's assistant who "outed" Plame. Well, further reports have that "revelation" to be nearly identical to what KR is reported to have said.

Reporter: Hey, did you know Valerie Plame is in the CIA?
VP's Assistant: Yeah, I heard that.