Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hansen Gets it Wrong.

Come on along with me as I go on a fisking trip! I found this note in today's Appleton Post Crescent.

I’m one of those “whiny” liberals that Lewis Rusch (Letters, July 24) says are blinded to “historical facts and truth” because of our “hatred” for George Bush. For the information of Mr. Rusch and others on the right that believe it is un-American to criticize the president, who have a solid grasp of historical facts and keep a tight lock on truth, a brief history lesson.

The Civil War was not fought to end slavery, and we didn’t enter World War II to bring down Hitler or end the Holocaust. (We fought to restore the Union, and Hitler declared war on us after Pearl Harbor.)

Oh my. Like so many leftists confuses intentions with results. Also, like so many leftists doesn't go beyond the surface. Anyone who thinks slavery did not enter into the cause of the Civil War is a fool. Slavery was the wedge which was dividing the Union. Yes, the stated cause at the beginning of the Civil War was not slavery but it was the cause of the stated cause.

While I missed Lewis's letter I get the feeling Mr. Hansen overstates his case here on the un-American charge as leftists tend to do.

Why did we enter WWII? Again, we have stated causes and we have a whole history which demonstrates that FDR was not so concerned with Japan but much more concerned about Hitler and Hitlerism. Japan was maneuvered into taking the first shot (due to its activities in China) and for whatever reason (Hitler was not bound by the terms of the Tri-Partite pact) Hitler declared war on America. FDR, was anxious to get into Europe, and if awful Adolf did not declare war, then similar maneuvering which went on with Japan would have happened with Germany. Remember, there was a fair amount of pro-German sentiment here in the States. Of course Mr. Hansen sees the shiny surface of the lake and assumes there is nothing underneath that surface.

When blaming “evil ... radical Islam” for starting wars, don’t forget the millions killed by evil, radical Christians who have killed millions over the centuries in the name of the Prince of Peace.

The History of the Crusades must be the abused history of all time. The crusades were fought to re-take land once controlled by the west. The Crusades as it turns out were a defeat for the Western world. The Crusades were followed by invasion of Europe and please note, Vienna nearly fell to the Turks.

“Black September” (Munich, 1972) had as much connection to “Muslim jihadists” as the 9-11 terrorists have to Saddam Hussein.

Wow. What blindness! As to the later point, this is not as settled as leftists like to believe it is. There is the matter of that Iraqi guy who got a job at the Kuala Lumpur airport via Iraqi Intelligence and who aided and met with the 9/11-19 in Kuala Lumpur.

If a president’s first duty is to protect us from our “sworn enemies,” why did Reagan sell arms to the Iranians, who supported the killers of our Marines in Beirut?

Both Beruit and dealing with Iran were not Ronald's best moments.

I believe Mr. Rusch may have missed those facts because he was blinded by his faith in our leader. If President Bush deserves our support for keeping us “free” but that my criticism of his policies is un-American, then what is it that I am free to do, praise “the leader”? No thanks, I’ll just keep studying history, seeking truth and exercising my First Amendment rights ... while we still have them.

By the way, if criticizing the president’s policies is un-American, those on the right may want to have a talk with the Republicans in Congress and the talk-show hosts about their treatment of former President Clinton.

Bill Hansen, Appleton

Mr. Hansen please do "...keep studying history, seeking truth" because your letter above shows your understanding of history is off and you have yet to find any truth.