Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Latest From George Wucas!

UNS 7/5/2005 Hollywood CA.

George Wucas Studios is working on a new set of movies. Inspired by the recent vacancy on the Supreme Court, George Wucas is putting together a six movie set with the following tentative titles:

  1. The Moderate Menace

  2. He is on the sidelines, but lurks close by awaiting his nomination to the Supreme Court. Will The Moderate Menace be nominated? Wait and see!

  3. Attack of the MoveOns

  4. No matter who is nominated the MoveOns wait to attack! Attack they will with a blind fury like you have never seen before. Can they and their evil overlord Emperor Sore be stopped?

  5. Revenge of the Fifth (column)

  6. Long having thrown off their shadowy mask, the Fifth Column joins the fray in open battle! The MSM attacks attacks attacks! They can not believe a civilized society would see such a Supreme Court Nominee that believes virtual child pornography is not as important as political speech!

  7. A New Conservative

  8. Hope is here for the suffering masses. Longing for a judge who interprets rather than contorts the law and constitution a nominee is selected who realizes the law is not about what the Privy Council of Jamaica wants.

  9. The Filibuster Strikes Back

  10. The Filibuster Returns! The weapon thought to be banned by treaty is brought back to be unleashed against the forces of good. How will they fight back? Can young Bill Cloturewalker learn enough from Rova before it is too late?

  11. The Return of the Constitutional Option

  12. The forces of good fight back with more than just penumbras and emnations but the TEXT of the Constitution and the Senate rules. You will not want to miss the thrilling end to this series!