Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Please, May We Call Them Traitors?

HT to Michelle Malkin comments on reports that five Americans have been arrested in Iraq for actively aiding the terrorists.

The Jawa Reports states thusly:

Possibly the most assinine thing ever to come out of the mouth of an ACLU spokesmen. Seriously, does the U.S. military now need to get an arrest warrant to prosecute military actions in the eyes of the ACLU?

"His arbitrary military detention is unaccompanied by any charge, any warrant, any writ or any process. So far as either the civilian or the military court system is concerned, Mr. Kar has simply disappeared into detention without a trace."

I don't know if Kar is guilty of treason, but surely the ACLU is not trying to argue that a man captured in a war zone in a foreign country ought to have the legal protection of U.S. courts? Oh, wait, that's exactly what they are saying.
Source: The Jawa Report - 5 Suspected American Traitors Nabbed in Iraq

May we call them traitors and treasonous? Or must we must call them patriots too? Apparently the ACLU and their ilk think they are patriots.