Sunday, August 14, 2005

Able Danger? Another Dud?

Pardon the interruption of the light weekend blogging.

There is a sense starting to settle in with the right wing bigs that Able Danger is not the big deal it was initially made out to be. Initially, it did make for a big splash and there is good reason for it. Everyone wants to believe it was a simple glitch in our counter-terrorist and defnese organizations that allowed 9/11 to happen.

After all, if it is a simple glitch the fix should be simple, right?

Until more evidence is brought forth by Rep. Curt Weldon we should be skeptical of the claims he makes. As I stated earlier even if Mohd Atta had been identified previous to 9/11 as a bad guy what would that have led to? The one thing it does sound like is bad guys were identified by Able Danger. So, Mohd Atta is one more face on their charts and file in their drawers.

Yes, in the future those identified by similar operations should have some investigative agency on them (complete with roving wiretaps and no-knocks).

Yes, those of you who regularly read my work here you may have noticed a less than full committment to the story and a wavering approach to it. One blog supporting the claims the next one backing off. View this as further backoff.

Rep. Weldon, the time is coming for some solid proof of the charges you make. After all none of us on the right were all that happy about HowDea's talk of his theory, right?