Thursday, August 11, 2005

One Woman in Texas.

There was much being talked about today regarding Cindy Sheehan.

First there is the obvious obligatory preface to commenting on it. People may not fathom exactly understand it, but we all have a good feeling of why she is upset. Also of course, she is free to take any stand she wants.

That said.

Her family in so many words asked her to stop the grandstanding. I saw it brought up by some blogger questioning the relevance of the family request. The relevance is the family knew Casey as well and realize he was a free actor and chose his path to join the army. Their voices count as well and they have the same rights as anyone else.

Another thing I saw brought up was how the President said he was not going to score political points out of visits with the grieving families. I don't see him working that angle at all. There was the report of the visit with the Sheehan's but those reports were not coming from the Whitehouse they were coming from local press reports from the Sheehans themselves. In fact it was only today the President first mentioned the situation. Who is working to score political points?

The last thing I want to mention in all of this remember last summer at this time? It was Max Cleland at the President's ranch pulling the same stunt. The MSM is bored in a town without the sophisticated distractions they are accustomed to and Cindy is it.