Monday, August 22, 2005

Torture, Rape, and Assassination.

Bill Roggio relays some interesting information about the Jihadists in Iraq.

Al Qaeda has nothing to offer but what we see in the interviews of Abed and Adan Elias, another member of Ansar al-Islam. Elias participated in torture, the dismemberment of corpses and booby trapping the dead so their families would be murdered when picking up their loved ones.

Freedom and Jihad cannot coexist, and therefore al Qaeda is forced to turn its weapons on the only ethnic group where it retains some measure sympathy, giving them a taste of Jihad. A sure sign of desperation, as the war is now in al Qaeda's back yard. In Mosul, three Sunni election workers of the Islamic Party are assassinated attempting to register voters.
Source: The Fourth Rail - THIS is Jihad

Read the whole blog and be sure to check out The Adventures of Chester which carries a large portion of the interview on Bill's site.

Are these the actions the left claims to be modeled on the Minuteman? Did George Washington and his lieutenants rape the daughters of their enemies and then kill them? Did the Continental Army and the Minutemen rig the bodies with explosives so their relatives would be killed? How can any "peace activist" support those who carry out such atrocities?