Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bette Middler, Kos, Du & Rush.

Rush today had a very long monologue welcoming the likes of Bette Middler, OCindy Bin Sheehan, Markos Molitsas, the Howard Deans, et. al. into the political debate. Those activists often rip the Democratic politician for being to mealy mouthed and spineless. Rush says they are correct.

I agree. Rush's main point was the politicians do not have to expound Democratic beliefs because there are plenty of activists and journalists who are quite willing to do so. So, the Democratic politician then talks in fuzzy nebulous terms and does not have to take a position and therefore loses elections. There is an irony in all of this.

The right has long decried the dishonesty and the open support of the left by the MSM. Conservative politicians can not let the media or celebrity figures speak for them, they have to come out unambiguously on what their beliefs are. Was John Kerry for higher or lower gas prices? Higher or lower taxes? For or against the $87 billion dollars? Those who pay attention knew what he was for but for most people it takes more than a wink. This need for conservative politicians to speak plainly is crucial to getting their beliefs out accurately.

Or course it may be argued lefty politicians are afraid to speak unambiguously for fear of turning off the electorate and losing elections. Can it really be much worse? How can they advance their cause unless they espouse it?

The mainstream left is not as mainstream as it appears. The only way for them to turn things around is to admit and engage the debate openly and honestly. The politics of this nation cycles, unless the Dems come out honestly they may miss the next cycle and another more honest group may catch it.