Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Its the Eyes!

As many of you are aware USA Today published a photograph of Condeleeza Rice with her eyes much much brighter than the what the rest of photo warranted.

Well, an e-mail campaign ensued and USA Today corrected the photo and issued a lame explanation.

See here for the original (the real original) and the photo that USA Today published. See!

Now, USA Today tries to explain that it was a slightly excessive use of brightening and sharpening. Uhhhh, I don't buy it. I routinely brighten and increase contrast on my photos and what was done there (on the USA Today photo) was the eyes were isolated and altered to suit some agenda not belonging on a so-called reputable news organizations. I could see such a photo on or similar but on USA Today? No way.

Here is Michelle's followup on the affair. I am going to play around a bit with the photos myself and see what happens.

Actually the first thing that came to mind was a story of a buddy. Him and his sister took a shot of President Clinton and put snake eyes into it. They then took the photo to a Democrat booth and surreptitiously put the photo on their booth and then watched. It took the Dems some time figure it out. That is what happened today with that photo of Condeleeza Rice, not some accident.