Thursday, October 27, 2005

Notice from the Truth In Advertising Commission.


On the 27th of October, 2005 approximately 10:29 pm (CDT) Blogger Beer ran a misleading advertisement for the Kofi Annan Crack Security Squad (KACSS). Unfortunately, the advertisement was full of untruths or half truths, we have Specialist Lenny Guist here to translate for you. the advertisement may be seen here in full.

Are you afraid for your life? People are trying to kill you, who do you turn to? You don't trust the Americans after all, they killed the sons of your client. You are afraid of the Iraqi Police because they are traitorous collaborators. Who is a lawyer for a mass murdering tyrant to turn to?

This quote is accurate. The KACSS is very good at protecting tyrants who steal and murder. What the UN is not so good at is protecting innocent people depending on the UN troops to protect them from murderers, thugs, and tyrants. They either do not bother or run away.

Have a voluptuously beautiful daughter in your house or entourage? No need to fear, the KACSS will never notice.

Half true. However, if you have pre-pubescent boys or girls in your home or entourage then you had better hire a separate security contingent for them.

Be very careful when hiring the Kofi Annan Crack Security Squad!

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