Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Exaggerated Eye Rolling!

If this article doesn't get you doing it then...

NEW YORK - A jury ruled Wednesday that the Port Authority was negligent in the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 — a long-awaited legal victory for victims of an attack that killed six people and wounded 1,000.

The six-person jury ruled that the Port Authority, the agency that owned the World Trade Center, was negligent by not properly maintaining the parking garage, where terrorists detonated more than a half-ton of explosives in a Ryder van. It said the negligence was a "substantial factor" in the allowing the bombing to occur.
Source: Yahoo News AP Writer Samuel Maull - Jury Faults Port Authority in '93 WTC Bomb

WTF? Some Islamists bomb the WTC, they arrest and convict them, they arrest and convict the Blind Sheik as the ring leader and it is the Port Authority's fault? Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. I know, someone has to pay the lawyers and the only thing they will get from the Blink Sheik is a fatwa.