Thursday, October 27, 2005

Was Harriet Miers Mistreated?

Was Harriet Miers mistreated by her opponents? In short, no and Arlen Specter is wrong.

No, she was not mistreated. Why not?

The debate centered on a couple of things. It centered on her qualifications, was she qualified to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. Surely, we are allowed to question a nominee's qualifications. I thought her qualifications were sufficient but many did not. No mistreatment here.

Another point of debate was that over her judicial philosophy. As you may know, this was my main concern. What was Harriet Mier's judicial philosophy? I was willing to wait until the hearings to make my judgment here. Now, once again surely it is well within bounds to debate her judicial philosophy. The problem here, was no one was quite certain what it was, however it was definitely starting to form from the murkiness, and I do not think any conservative much cared for it.

Now, did you hear any name calling being done by prominent right wing commentators? How about mid-tier commentators? There was little. I never recall hearing people snooping through her rubbish bins, or video store records (funny how we can snoop through a judicial nominee's garbage, video store records, or credit reports but we dare not look at a terrorist's library records).

There is more blog material in this now former-situation.

No, Harriet Miers was not mistreated. She was not treated gently but not mistreated.