Friday, November 18, 2005

The Murtha Maneuver.

What a brilliant stroke by the GOP in the house.

The Democrats have always been able to spout off about pulling out of Iraq and not have to worry about actually putting themselves into a position to commit one way or another. Well, they got a chance to actually put it all on the record. We know the Democrats can talk it up, will they vote it up too or–is it just talk?

My prediction the Murtha measure fails with NO Republicans voting to defeat the measure and about half of voting Democrats voting to defeat the Murtha Measure. I'ld hate to be a wavering Democrat in the house right now. Nancy Pelosi's schnauzers barking in your face to support the Murtha measure would ....I don't know but it would not be nice. Heheh I bet regardless of a House Dems position I bet Nancy's schnauzers are barking at all house Dems in an effort to make sure they stay in line.