Thursday, November 10, 2005

Optimistic Jawa

Yes my pet name for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi but I'm not the only one who wants him dead now. Today there were massive demonstrations in Jordan calling for Mr Zaqueery to quote "Burn in Hell". Now there is one group of chanting protesters I can agree with. Early in the year it was apparent after the bombings in Egypt that Al-Qaeda in Iraq's methods caused political problems for them. Mr. Zaqueery must have a short memory for now he has bombed Jordan. Moslems even those who sympathize with the cause or the root cause can no longer deny the pure evil of the Al-Qaeda doctrine. Even Palestine whom Al-Qaeda claims to be helping finds itself today a victim of the terrorists who kill in a cowardly random fashion. Coupled with protests in Morocco last week it is now apparent that the war on terror will be won. [emphasis added] Both our pressure and the pure evil of their tactics have put the writing on the wall. The harder they try the more people hate them including peoples all over the Middle East. The world is shrinking every day for Al-Qaeda soon they will be history.
Source: The Jawa Report - DEATH TO AL-ZAQUEERY

Has there been more noise made about this? I have a hard time telling since I listen to the news once in the morning and then after that it is music, work, music, fiddle with websites, sleep, repeat. Wouldn't surprise me though if the Mainstream Mastadons are ignoring this story. I think it is a little optimistic to start talking about winning the war on terror, but it certainly is going better than many people tend to think.

Anyway, it seems Zarqawi is not listening to Zawahiri.