Saturday, November 12, 2005

The WIP, Steven Avery, and Theresa Hallbach.

The Wisconsin Innocence Project (WIP) is an organization affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Law School that works to spring people they suppose wrongly convicted.

One famous case is that of Steven Avery. Mr. Avery was convicted of rape based on the victim's testimony. DNA testing (at the time) was performed and did not prove conclusively one way or the other.

Back in 2003 the WIP was able to get further (and more modern) DNA testing performed on the samples. The WIP with the aid of the new DNA tests was able to obtain a ruling that Mr. Avery did not commit the rape he was serving time for and was released from prison.

We now return to late 2005. Steven Avery is now being charged with the murder (the story is dated before the announcement of the finding of Theresa Hallbach's remains and the official declaration of Avery as a suspect) of Theresa Halbach.

CHILTON, Wis. (AP) - Prosecutors will charge a man wrongly convicted of rape 20 years ago [emphasis added] with killing a 25-year-old woman whose vehicle was found near his home, the Calumet County district attorney said Friday.
Source: WLUK - Avery Will Be Charged

Question for you dear reader (this is intended to spur discussion). What culpability does the WIP have in the death of Theresa Hallbach? None? Some? Much?