Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Struggle with Modernity.

Over at the Jawa Report I joined in on commenting on a blog. An excerpt:
Christians no longer force confessions and death sentences for "non believers". In other words we have progressed and reformed. Without a root reform and change in attitude of Islam war is inevitable and Islam itself is in danger of destruction. If it's a fight you are looking for I'm sure the west can accommodate you. But if peace, reform and progress are Islam's true nature. If Islam can live in peace with the rest of the world and tolerate all the other faiths I have two words for you. Show me
Source: The Jawa Report - Are Terrorists "Radical"?
I made a comment along the lines of how Islam is having a hard time coming to terms with modernity, that a struggle for Islamic reform is underway with the Bin Ladenites winning (at the moment), and how Arabia should turn to Japan as to how to best deal with modernity.

Shortly thereafter a troll appeared in the thread and instead of hitting and running he is in there mucking things up. In fact, this troll did a great job of directing the direction of the debate and the comment thread is gone to nazis.

Japan and Arabia are not similar.

Was the troll's comment to me. My response here? Duh! Japan did not yield willingly at first, and its door had to be kicked in. Once it was down though, Japan made a wholehearted decision to join the modern world. As a result they kicked some butt militarily and are an economic powerhouse now-a-days.

Arabia's door was never opened willingly some doors were kicked down, some were pushed open. However, the difference is Arabia is trying to shore up smashed doors or to jam shut doors that are not going to shut. Hence we see a mix of results from Dubai's gleaming modern city to the very insular. It seems this less whole-heartedeared (as a whole) approach results in the feeling of being left behind, feelings of inferiority, and old modes of government that must result to brutality to govern on a large scale.

Standard Leftist Talking Points

The troll then threw out some flamebait and the Jawa's bit on it. Instead of discussing a very important topic a flame war is going on. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!

Anyway, the events in Iraq are big. The Sunnis who were holdouts in the previous two elections decided they had better participate and it sounds like participate they did. So, now it sounds like the Sunni majority are in, the Saddamites and Zarqawists are definitely out. Of course, it isn't over but this is just another sign that things are headed in the right direction.

Good night.