Saturday, December 17, 2005

Competing Referenda.

Last night while doing some grocery shopping I was looking at the community bulletin board in the store. Anyone can post nearly anything on the board and is usually full of for sale items, show announcements, and the like.

Well, last night one sign stood out. It was a poster giving contact information so people in Little Chute could sign a petition to get a referendum put on the ballot in the spring elections. That referenda is a resolution calling on the Federal Governments to withdraw from Iraq. The usual conservative response to these is roll our eyes and call it surrender (which it is).

Then it struck me. Why don't people who support the completion of the mission get competing referenda put on the ballot? That is something along these lines:
  • Whereas, the mission in Iraq is crucial to US Security and long-term regional and world stability.
  • Therefore be it resolved the people of Little Chute Wisconsin support our troops in their mission.
  • Be it further resolved, the people of Little Chute Wisconsin support the mission in Iraq.
  • Be it further resolved, the people of Little Chute Wisconsin urge all people Democrats, Republicans, and otherwise to unite so the soldiers can finish the mission more quickly and come home sooner.

This way, people have a choice between surrender and fight. Of course, this is not intended for Little Chute or Wisconsin alone.