Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Christmas Gift of Traffic.

I am not surprised. Blogger Beer is registering quite a few google visits today. What is the term being searched for? Guess.

Bin Laden's Niece and the blog entitled: Wafa. are the honey pots (hehehe) both about Wafa Dafour. I figured this would be a hot search item and my suspicion is confirmed correct.

Yes, I plan to blog some more on Wafa Dafour. If you want pix then go somewhere else (The Wafa blog above has a snapshot, but I am not planning on posting anymore for the time being) as I think this is fascninating. I think discussion of the Wafa phenomena could be interesting in terms of the war on terror and culture.

Quite obviously if Osama Bin Laden were still some unknown guy running around building roads Wafa would be unknown as well. In addition her posing in GQ and her plans to launch a singing career throw a big pile of warm brown mushy stuff right in the face of her infamous Uncle's face and his beliefs. However, I am a little concerned she doesn't sing well and is going to get a free ride due to the accident she is the niece of her infamous uncle. That, goes against some aspects of our culture.

Just because she is a free actress doesn't mean we have to play along if playing along is wrong.