Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Michelle Malkin picks up on comments from Jane Fonda.
"This began," Fonda maintained, "because the military discovered that in World War II and Korea, [U.S.] soldiers weren't killing enough."
Source: Michelle Malkin - Baghdad Jane's Bloviations
Uhhh, one thing that could be done to increase the kill numbers is to simply change the PFC's rifle back to what was used in WWII. You see, Ms. Fonda it was determined survivors that must be taken to hospitals and treated are a greater drain on an army's resources than shooting that same soldier dead.

One of the changes this spurred was a move to a less lethal round which found its way into soldier's hands during Vietnam. The foot soldier in WWII typically carried a M1 in Vietnam the typical soldier carried the M16. The M16 shoots a much less lethal round than the M1. So, if the army wants to simply kill more then all it needs to do is to re-arm the soldiers with rifles that shoot more lethal ammunition.

Of course it all went above Jane's head after "PFC" above.