Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Williams Rest In Peace.

Tookie Williams was executed early this morning.

Wretchard at The Belmont Club blogged on the event.
But when you think about it, every alternative to the Death Penalty is premised on the assumption that jail provides an better way of removing dangerous persons from society. Once the impermeability of jail can no longer be guaranteed -- because holes in the cell walls are being poked by 'activists' -- then it makes sense to execute perps while you can. Of course, there's something nigglingly wrong with this. After some thought I realized what I thought it was. Issues of guilt and innocence; crime and punishment have been distorted by the political process. How else do you have Ramsey Clark defending Saddam and European investigators refusing to provide cooperation because it might lead to the Death Penalty? Crime stops being about criminals and their deeds and becomes yet another battleground in the culture wars. It becomes less about human beings and more about political agendas.[ed-emphasis added]
Source: The Belmont Club - The empty cell
Indeed. This is what it has come down to. Will we see the same efforts for Bill King & Russell Brewer Jr. two of the three who brutally murdered James Byrd Jr.? I hope not and I thoroughly doubt it. I suspect most who normally find themselves opposed to Jesse Jackson and the like will sit out the protests when it comes to King's & Brewer's date with the long needle. Not because they don't care but because they see the justice in the sentence.

Justice is truth. Tookie never disputed his guilt nor did he ever express remorse. At most he turned against the gangs he led and authored some children's books (no, we don't execute children's book authors but we do execute murderers). I am very confident of Tookie's guilt and in that I see justice in his execution.

As I have said before it is a sad thing. However the sadness doesn't find its focus in the execution just its end the whole situation is sad. It is sad Tookie decided to kill innocent humans so many years ago and it is sad he was put to death. If only he had not killed.

Tookie Williams may you find peace in your well deserved rest.