Friday, December 09, 2005

John Gard (G-Peshtigo).

What's that? A third party with a man in a powerful state position? Sorta.

G is the Government Party and John Gard is a member of it. HT: to Charlie Sykes on his radio show today.

What inspired this? His opposition to the cancellation of the automatic gas tax increase. Here in Wisconsin the tax the state imposes upon gasoline automatically increases, no vote no debate. Well, the state senate just voted to cancel this annual gift to the state.

John Gard (G-Peshtigo) whined this would deplete the state road building & maintenance funds. Huh? Well, then vote for a tax increase every year or include it in the normal budget process.

Do we really want him as congressman? No other choice you say? How about it? Terri McCormick is a choice and a good one.