Saturday, December 10, 2005

Miserable Weekend.

I hate to push another whine blog on you readers, but this is my blog and a whine blog is what I feel like at the moment.

Some of you may be aware I have been fighting a cold and cough for sometime (both are improving) and I was really pumped at the end of last week since it seemed I was almost completely over it all. Then Thursday night about 11:00pm I awoke with the spins! No alcohol involved. The spins woke me up again that night and when I awoke in the morning things were still spinning badly. I managed to get the Empress (after she checked my bp which was something like 120/80) to work and called in to work that a two hour drive with slippery roads and my world spinning was not going to happen (actually it was an e-mail and I left out the details just noting I was going to be out on vacation).

So, went back to sleep and called the St. Elizabeth's nurse direct and she told me no coffee or alcohol as they would exacerbate the spins. The nurse then forwarded the call to the clinic where our doctor practices medicine and I arranged an appointment. Eventually I went to that and all was so-so (no disastrous pronouncements). They took my BP (first was 114/80, subsequent readings were all a touch high at 140ish/80) multiple times and poked and prodded as doctors usually do. She also ran a series of tests which appeared to see if there was any difference in strength between left and right.

In the end my doctor declared I have a viral infection in my middle/inner ears and her exam showed it to be more obvious in the right ear than the left ear. Okay fine, viral means no curative medicines just rest and time.

She prescribed some medication to counter the vertigo and it seems to work by putting you to sleep. I guess sleep isn't such a bad thing when one isn't well.

The bad part is the no coffee thing. Not only do I have the spins I also have a headache from caffeine deprivation. To top it all off there was a Christmas Party The Empress and I really wanted to attend tonight in Mishicot but see the previous concern about driving long distances on slippery roads with the spins.