Saturday, December 03, 2005

Getting Out of Iraq.

Everyone acknowledges there will be a day and a time when our presence in Iraq returns to normal (i.e. an embassy, ex-pats living there as employees of the embassy and Iraqi companies, e-pat employees of international companies etc). No one is saying we will have 140,000+ soldiers stationed in Iraq for eternity.

The question of getting out of Iraq comes down to other considerations. The first question is when. Now as I have already stated the answer is not a long term statement but short to medium term. On the short side we have Nanc-eye Pelos-eye and her appeasing friends wanting out now (If that's her take then why the *&^% did she vote no on the Murtha Maneuver?) then on the other extreme we have people who argue not for a time based withdrawal but a conditions based withdrawal.

At the moment it is the conditions based people who are winning the day. For example it is widely claimed (and the logistics do support the claims) a significant withdrawal is on the books right now with three brigades leaving Iraq after the upcoming elections and one brigade going to Kuwait in its place (to stand ready as a rapid reaction force).

The upshot is everyone wants out of Iraq. The fight is over on defining the withdrawal. The left wants to define it as a defeat the right wants to define it in the ink of victory.