Friday, December 09, 2005

I Want to UpChuck!

No, the nausea I feel is not from the vertigo attack I am suffering from (diagnosis viral ear infection) it is from the story on how Chuck Chvala is begging for a light sentence from the Judge who is going to sentence him.

He says he fought for the, you guessed it children
The manner in which the media has portrayed Senator Chvala does not
accurately portray the man for whom I chose to work for seven years. There has
never been any doubt in my mind that the most important thing to Senator
Chvala was helping constituents and being a strong advocate for children, the
elderly, and the disabled.
Source: Wis Politics - Chvala Attorneys Say Jail Time Would Have 'No Public Value'.

Before hearing this I did not think he should get sentenced too harshly, but I see his arrogance is not diminished. Now I say check him into the Dodge Correctional Institution.