Saturday, December 03, 2005

We're Home.

We are home.

The Empress and myself went down to GBFan's house for a Badger Blog Alliance get together. In the runup everyone talked about what beer they were bringing. Well, being who I am I skipped beer and brought wine, as my previous blog testifies to. The bottle of Ravenswood Sonoma Zinfandel was opened and there was one to two glasses left in the bottle as we left.

The roads were not good, but we averaged probably 40 on the highways and about 55 on the freeway. We angled our way up from Oconomowoc to Allentown via Hartford. I took a lot of guff about being lost and resisted demands to make U-Turns. Only once did I make a bum choice and the road we went down was NOT marked as a dead end as it should have been.

What a great bunch of people I am associated with in the Badger Blog Alliance.