Saturday, February 11, 2006

1000 Swedes Ran Through the Weeds...

100 Swedes ran through the weeds by the fear on one Muslim. The real ditty is 1000 Swedes ran through the weeds by the fear of one Norwegian, but the Norwegians are not any better than the Swedes these days.

Paul Belien at The Brussel's Journal calls out the Swedish and the Norwegian governments
Vikings. Once they were brave. Today some are brave and some are cowards. The brave ones are the Danish and the Icelanders, the cowards the Norwegians and the Swedish (at least where the governments are concerned).

Yesterday the Swedish government shut down a website because it had published Muhammad cartoons. Has Stockholm ever shut down a website because it posted Jesus cartoons? No, it hasn’t. During the past week a number of appeasing Western governments have said that they are not happy with papers and websites republishing the Danish Muhammad cartoons, but Sweden is the first Western country to exercise censorship.
Source: Brussel's Journal - Send a Message to the Swedish (Paul Belien)

Paul is spot on here. What is wrong with the Swedes and the Norwegians they can not defend freedom of expression and speech? I hope they don't eat a lot of pork since having pork around is offensive to Muslims.

You know, being a guest in a Muslim country I would hope all civilized people would respect their norms and customs. When I was invited to stay in the house of a local in Salalah Oman, I declined. Why? Because we had pork and liquor with us (all within the laws of Oman) and I did not want to bring those items into his house and offend his Islamic family's sensibilities. Being a guest in a Muslim country I would not display those cartoons.

With that said, all we want is reciprocal consideration for our norms and mores. Unfortunately, nations like Norway and Sweeden are now taking their orders from Cairo and Doha rather than Stockholm and Oslo.