Sunday, February 12, 2006

Donehill Skiing.

The Downhill Skiing event is done. Bode Miller and Darren Rahlves did not bring home any metal.

The winner France's Antoine Deneriaz skied a near perfect race. The first jump known as the Angel Jump was giving the racers problems and second place Michael Walchhofer (Austria) caught incredible air and nearly lost it (his left leg pulled away from his body and his ski started to rotate but he made a good recovery). NBC did a simulcast of the Walchhofer and Deneriaz and the difference off of that first jump was HUGE. Yes, when recreational skiing air is fun, but when racing catching air stretches you out which slows you down. Serious air is for freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

I knew the outcome due to a stupid browser automatically loading up the news (at my brother's place) but I still loved watching the event. When watching the skiing my legs and body move along with the skiers almost involuntarily.

The picture above is of Bode Miller.

Good luck the US Men's Ski team in the remainder of the events. The Super-G, the Giant Slalom, the Slalom, and the freestyle.